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Register Now for Summer Dance

Beatz is pleased to offer a wide variety of Summer Dance Programming for dancers ages 4 - 18

Dance offers many benefits including:

Physical Development, Emotional Maturity, Social Awareness and Cognitive Development.  Give your child the opportunity to express themselves in a fun, interactive and judgement free zone this summer!!

See below for a complete list of summer dance programming.  

Click Here to register now

Contact us at [email protected] for more information.

All of our summer dance programs are more than just dancing, we provide snack, daily arts + crafts, group games and an opportunity to make lifelong friends.  All of our programming is designed with safety in mind.  We follow stringent COVID protocols.  Please see our home page for complete details

Schedule: 9:00 a.m. to 11:30a.m. or 12:30pm-3:00p, daily (Please see specific program for days of the week that the session is held)

Drop-off available at 8:45 a.m. and 12:15pm

Can’t decide and like both sessions offered; children are welcome to pack a lunch and join us for both.

(Please note, refrigeration is not available for lunches)

10% Family and 10% multi-session discounts will apply


AGES 4-6   $120 per session  (Mon-Thu)

MAGICAL BALLET BALL                     6/21-6/24 OR 8/23-8/26          9:00am-11:30am 

Your Child will explore ballet through music from some classic children's movies. This session will develop creativity and coordination while exploring basic dance concepts and techniques.

BROADWAY CUTIES               6/21-6/24 OR 8/23-8/26                12:30pm-3:00pm

DRAMA is welcome here. This session, your child can express themselves and pretend they are on stage! Throughout this session, we will explore different genres of dance while learning facial expressions and showmanship

ACRODANCE PRE SCHOOL               7/12-7/15                9:00am-11:30am

Our tiniest tumblers will show us their stuff! This week will incorporate dance, acrobatics and props with crafts and games. Your child will be encouraged to try new tricks while learning flexibility and strengthening

LIL' BOPPIN BEATZ                     7/12-7/15                                     12:30p-3:00pm    

This is an opportunity for boys and girls to explore Hip Hop focusing on musicality and rhythm. Let your child express themselves in this class that includes a daily warm up, instruction and choreography in a fun, engaging way.

AGES 7-9    $150 per session (Mon-Fri)

BALLET/JAZZ                                          6/28-7/2 or  7/19-7/23                                      9:00am-11:30am

Dancers will focus on building the strength, flexibility and control needed to execute ballet and jazz. Each day will emphasize barre exercises and will include a combination of center floor work and across-the-floor combinations.

DANCE YOUR HEART OUT                  6/28-7/2  or 7/19-7/23                                 12:30pm-3:00pm

Does your child love to dance???  This week will combine multiple genres of dance.  This may include lyrical, acro, jazz, hip hop and ballet.

BEATZ CREW HIP HOP                        7/26-7/30 or 8/16-8/20                                    9:00am-11:30am

This session combines tricks and modern hip hop in an energetic fun filled week.

                                  BEATZ TUMBLING TRICKZ                   7/26-7/30 or 8/16-8/20                                     12:30pm-3:00pm

Acro builds strength, agility and increases flexibility. Your child will explore the art of Acro in a fun, energetic way!! We will incorporate individual tricks such as tumbling, cartwheels, various levels of bridges, split rolls, walkovers and much more

AGES 10-12    $150 per session (Mon-Fri)

ACRO                8/2-8/6             9:00am-11:30am

Acro builds strength, agility and increases flexibility. Your child will explore the art of Acro in a fun, energetic way!! We will incorporate individual tricks such as tumbling, cartwheels – single and double, various levels of bridges, split rolls, walkovers and much more

HIP HOP INTENSIVE              8/2-8/6               12:30pm-3:00pm

Mr Nathan will immerse dancers while executing more physically demanding breaking steps, also focusing on the fundamentals of animation, such as waving, tutting, and isolations.



HIP HOP INTENSIVE- AGES 13-18                            8/2-8/6                         5:00pm-8:00pm            $150 (Mon-Fri)

Join Mr Nathan for this session for intermediate and advanced dancers.  

BEATZ MUSIC VIDEO - AGES 9-15                           8/9-8/13                    9:00am-3:00pm               $300 (Mon-Fri)

This week will be action packed and fun filled as the dancers produce and star in their own music video.  We will start the week fast paced with dance and choreography and progress into scripts and roles for each.  Each dancer will receive a copy of the video once complete

ACRO EVENING SESSION - AGES 5-8                         6/21-7/14  MON & WED            4:45pm-5:45pm          $100

This 8 session, 4 week class is a perfect way to maintain strength and flexibility while learning new acro tricks

BALLET EVENING SESSION - AGES 5-8                 6/22 -7/15    TUE & THUR                 4:45pm-5:45pm          $100

This 8 session, 4 week class will include work at the barre, across the floor, technique and choreography

LEAPS, TURNS & TECHNIQUE EVENING SESSION - AGES 9-13              6/21-7/14    MON & WED        6:00PM - 7:00PM          $100    

This 8 session, 4 week class will increase awareness and technique specifically in these three areas.  We will break down the building blocks  to improve the technical movements.

SUMMER INTENSIVE - AGES 14-18           6/22-7/15    TUE & THUR           6:00PM - 7:00PM      $100

This 8 session, 4 week class is for the serious dancer with a passion to continue their dance education into the summer months.  Miss Alycia will focus on technique, combinations and precision.  Experts in the field of nutrition and physical therapy will be guests to share their knowledge with our dancers to enhance their focus and dance education.


This is the perfect way for either the dancer who would like to kick-start the 2021-2022 season or the one who would like to try a few classes before committing to a full year.  These classes will be 3 nights in a row for 1 hour each.  Acro will introduce flexibility and tricks appropriate for each age group.  Dance Your Heart Out will sample Ballet, Jazz, Lyrical and Hip Hop

ACRO - AGES 4-6          8/16, 8/17 & 8/18          4:45pm-5:45pm

ACRO - AGES 7-10         8/16, 8/17 & 8/18          6:00pm-7:00pm

DANCE YOUR HEART OUT - AGES 4-6          8/23, 8/24 & 8/25          4:45pm-5:45pm

DANCE YOUR HEART OUT - AGES 7-10          8/23, 8/24 & 8/25          6:00pm-7:00pm