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Beatz is pleased to offer a wide variety of Summer Dance Programming for dancers ages 4 - 12

Dance offers many benefits including:

Physical Development, Emotional Maturity, Social Awareness and Cognitive Development.  Give your child the opportunity to express themselves in a fun, interactive and judgement free zone this summer!!

SEE BELOW for a complete list of summer dance programming.  

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Sessions offered Live and Virtually

We are pleased to offer all of our sessions both live and virtually.  We will limit the number of dancers in the studio and extend an invitation for those at home to join us.  Each Thursday prior to the start date of your child's virtual session; parents are invited to come to the studio to pick up the dancer's supplies for the following week.  This include all craft items and snacks for each day.  These sessions are designed to be engaging and interactive.  If you would like your child to attend live, please be sure to register early to ensure a spot.

All of our summer dance programs are more than just dancing, we provide snack, daily arts + crafts, group games and an opportunity to make lifelong friends.

Schedule: 9:00 a.m. to 11:30a.m. or 12:30pm-3:00p, daily, Monday through Thursday.

Drop-off available at 8:45 a.m. and 12:15pm

Can’t decide and like both sessions offered; children are welcome to pack a lunch and join us for both.

(Please note, refrigeration is not available for lunches)

AGES 4-6  $100 per session

STORY BOOK TEA PARTY                     6/29-7/2 OR 8/10-8/13          9:00am-11:30am 

Your Child will explore ballet through music from some of the most favorite children's stories and fairy tales. This session will develop creativity and coordination while exploring basic dance concepts and techniques.

LITTLE BEATZ CREW                     6/29-7/2                                     12:30p-3:00pm    FULL

This is an opportunity for boys and girls to explore Hip Hop focusing on musicality and rhythm. Let your child express themselves in this class that includes a daily warm up, instruction and choreography in a fun, engaging way.

CIRCUS ADVENTURE                       7/13-7/16                                    9:00am-11:30am    FULL - WAITLIST AVAILABLE

The greatest show on earth will make its way to Beatz when our dancers join the circus! This week will incorporate dance, acrobatics and props with circus themed crafts and games. Your child will be encouraged to use their imagination and individuality to join our circus

BEATZ ROCKIN’ TROLLS                 7/13-7/16 OR 8/10-8/13         12:30pm-3:00pm     FULL - WAITLIST AVAILABLE

This session, your child can experience a snapshot of many of our dance styles offered at Beatz! Throughout this session, we will explore ballet, acro, jazz and hip hop – The happiest Trolls will be alive and well at One Grafton Common


AGES 7-12    $125 per session

BALLET                                              7/6-7/10                                      9:00am-11:30am

Dancers will focus on building the strength, flexibility and control needed to execute ballet moves. Each day will emphasize barre exercises and will include a combination of center floor work and across-the-floor combinations.

BROADWAY JAZZ                           7/6-7/10                                     12:30pm-3:00pm

This summer dance program will engage your child with music and movement as we recreate dances from some of our favorite live Broadway musicals. Let your star shine at this high energy session that brings Jazz and theater come to life!

BOYS BEATZ CREW                        7/27-7/31                                   9:00am-11:30am

This session combines popping, breaking, tricks ad modern hip hop in an energetic fun filled week.

                         SUMMER OLYMPICS CELEBRATION               7/27-7/31                                   12:30pm-3:00pm    FULL - WAITLIST AVAILABLE

Embrace the 2020 Summer Olympics in this Acro session. Acro builds strength, agility and increases flexibility. Your child will explore the art of Acro in a fun, energetic way!! We will incorporate individual and partner tricks such as tumbling, cartwheels – single and double, various levels of bridges, split rolls, walkovers and much more

HIP HOP STARZ         8/3-8/7         9:00am-11:30pm

Various styles of hip hop will be explored. Dancers are encouraged to express themselves in this high energy session while having fun!

DANCE YOUR HEART OUT          8/3-8/7       12:30pm-3:00pm

If your child can't get enough dance - this session is for them!!  We will change it up each day incorporating hip hop, acro, jazz and ballet.  Dance, Fun, and Friends - what summer is all about


EVENING SUMMER DANCE      $30 per session          AGES 4-6         5pm-6pm

                                                      MINI ACRO                           7/14-7/16

Your child will have fun tumbling and building strength in the 3 night session. Each class will begin with stretching – tricks and tumbling include front/back rolls, hand stands, bridges.

                                            LITTLE BEATZ CREW                    8/11-8/13

This is an opportunity for boys and girls to explore Hip Hop focusing on musicality and rhythm. Let your child express themselves in this class that includes a daily warm up, instruction and choreography in a fun, engaging way.